Feeling better, ey.


Mm, well, after this period of down-time I have started to feel really good. I stopped and let go of things in a pretty dramatic way, because I needed to. Found that when you step out like that it is not super-easy to get back in. But I am working again, just picked up the phone and made a call and just like that I had a job over the summer. Feels really good, working in the summertime has become a habit. In a way I’m working the summer away, since I’m not a summer-person. I love the sun but cant stand the heat 😛 haha. The autumn- and spring-sun is much more my cup of tea.

Liljekonvalj 2

During this period I have started and maintained some new and healthy habits, I exercise in a way I have always wanted but never got started to do, and that feels more than great! Ever since I first read about HIIT-training I have felt that it was absolutely right for me, tried it a few times but it stopped with these try-runs. I got a cold and had to rest and after that I didn’t continue.

Then I found the stairs in my building, read about stair-training and picked it up. Have been doing it since december, with about two months halt around the time my cat died (had absolutely NO energy or will to train, I was in mourning, I always mourn my pets since they are so dear to me). Picked it up again and has maintained it for two months, I feel that I really want to continue this training routine. Getting in better and better shape, feels great to notice results 😀 Looking for ways to improve and maybe get some variety if I get tired of this routine. Thinking about this blog and where I want it to “go”, witch direction, and what stories I want to share. Don’t know yet, but I want to focus on de-stress and feel-good. If the blog ever got some traffic I would want to support people finding their own way and their own pace, but at the same time just be a blog about a person who stopped working for about a year.