To spare the not spared

The day before yesterday I did something I rarely do: I decided to not Spare some flowers, by picking them and bringing them inside to my flower-eating cats. Used a glass cup to spare cats from being sick from eating them and flowers from being eaten.

Liljekonvalj 4

Liljekonvalj 4

Like so many words, “spare” has more than one meaning. I want to participate in this weeks WP photo challenge and after thinking about the different meanings for the word, the “spare from harm” version is my choice.

There is this sentence that I come across sometimes: “I can´t have nice things, I have cats”. … Well, I do have cats, their presence in the home is like a whirlwind, a tempest, and they create many “perfect storms” 😉 . A “perfect storm” to me is when things fall together in a way that makes something happen that was not really supposed or meant to happen, but since things occurred the way they did, this thing happened. Hm… Hard to explain maybe.

How to wrap this up? The aim is not on target here, haha, umm… Well, back to “I can’t have nice things I have cats”, cats who often tear things down from shelves and who, for some reason unknown to me – likes to eat flowers. Except from the fact that it can be nice to have flowers in the home, flowers can be poisonous to eat. To prevent eventual flowers from being eaten by beloved cats, I use glass cups. I have no problems with the cats habits of knocking things over and needing space though, it helps me to declutter our home, and I like (my) things decluttered 🙂