“The painting photo”.Weekly photo challenge

In response to The Daily Posts weekly photo challenge” Life Imitates Art “.

Hobbies are such a great thing! I have several, photographing is one, and it is right up there in the top, competing – yet not ever able to compete for real – with my number one hobby (that actually is more of a passion really). A lot of times I combine the two and thats when most of the magic happens.

Like when I took this photo of a moving object (it is rare to succeed at that task, and that may be because I use only what I have at hand when I shoot – my iPhone). I edited it a little (just put a filter on it) and this was the outcome (to me this looks like a painting):


What is seen on the photo is my number one hobby, my passion ❤ .

A split second before she ran away with her treasure (a stick she found in the woods) she did this:


Not so “arty” if you ask me. She / we had fun though, and that’s what is most important.




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