Winter has come, and gone. We are now in a winter-month and we should have snow, ice, cold air and dark days and evenings. But instead everything outside is covered in a brownish colour and it is raining, the ground is wet and muddy and the sky is greyish. It bores me and brings me down a little. I enjoyed the white outside-world, with its crisp blue sky, so so much. Wishing for it to come back.


Lots of water flowing outside now since all the snow is melting. Flowing water, by the way, is such a force of nature. Even if its just a small creek, if you stand next to it, you can feel the force with which it rushes forward.

Well, inside things are changing too, in a sort of things are melting and getting warmer kind of way. Will write about that in another post, I think. Even though nobody is reading 😛 I hope everybody is taking care of themselves. 🙂