Since I´ve been gone…

Lots has happened since last I visited and wrote here. I cant keep myself from looking for work, and keep applying for jobs that I somehow alreday know don’t fit me and/or I don’t fit them. Habits are hard to break, I guess.


My sleeping pattern has become a bit more normal, I don’t fall asleep that ridiculously early in the evenings anymore, but the feeling of curtains closing whether I want them to or not still hit rather early in comparison to what I believe is (supposed to be) normal. I still wake up early though, and I like it that way, I greet the sun coming up over the treetops almost every cloud-free morning these days 🙂

May sound like a pensioner? Well then so be it.

I more often feel energetic, sometimes because I have rested and I’m feeling better and sometimes it is due to too much coffee 😛 Because of this I have started on something that is almost like a training-plan to get in better shape. I walk stairs in my building and some days I go for really really long walks.

The cancer in my dog is growing.