Think I have a debt to pay: Zzzzz…

IMG_5716Three years ago, I started working the night shift, my reasons for doing so was that it fits my chosen lifestyle better, and I have always been somewhat of an evening-/night-personality (meaning more alert and creative at that time of the day). I had never tried working nights before that though, because I have a great belief in good and well performed research and science, and modern research tells that working nights is not healthy, in a lot of ways.

But I felt a need to give it a try, who knew – it might have turned out to fit me like a glove 😛

Since I decided to take this year off, and really felt the decision, I have fallen asleep ridiculously early in the evenings, slept all through the nights, and woken up early feeling done with sleeping. Haven´t slept like this in years, its clear that I owe myself some sleep after all this night-work, I have a “sleep-debt” to pay.