The longest of walks, that´ll be todays deed

Noticing a pattern of the days that go by, it is like I do one thing per day, one projekt or task… Its sort of interesting, cause my goal is to make much more than that, but without pushing myself.

Now I was going to write that I only did one thing today and it was a long walk with the dogs, but thats not accurate cause before the walk I hoovered and did the dishes… Typical to almost not see that, just keeping the home clean is actually a kind of project, and I even actually like that kind of housework 🙂 Well, after that, I went for a long walk with the dogs and something made me want to turn around after half the walk, so I had to push myself to walk all the way around. Strange, I love being outside, and was happy all the way through but just had to have that little pep-talk with myself to go on. The dogs were happy too and that alone makes me happy. We came to this steep area that was too deep for the smallest dog to go down on his own, so I “had to” carry him down, of course I gave him a cuddle and kissed him while carrying him. These little moments in life are so precious. Our time is now.